Limited Liability Company "Promhim» offers delivery of chemical products for industrial use, such as:

  • acids - sulphuric, hydrochloric, nitric,
  • sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) grades RD, RR and the membranous RM-A and RM-B,
  • ammonia liquor
  • sodium chlorate
  • Some types of wood chemical products- distilled tall oil (DTO), tall oil fatty acids (TOFA), sulfate turpentine.

The distinction of our company is our private rolling stock employment for transportation of the delivered products, that allows to effect a saving of products cost, delivery regularity and independence from the manufacturer`s rolling stock loading.

The company "Promhim" has been on the market since 2008, the company costumers are the largest enterprises in the territory of the Russian Federation and near abroad countries, such as JSC "Ilim Group", JSC "Sayanskkhimplast", KJSC "Azot" and JSC Trade House "Khimprom", Kemerovo, JSC BMF "Altai Melanzhist", JSC "Altai-Koks", CJSC "Karabashmed", UMMC , JSC "Titan" Group of companies, and the others. Also, chemical products delivery to the power generating companies - OGK-2, OGK-3, TGC-11, TGC-12, TGC-13, JSC "Biyskenergo" was carried out and is being carried out as a result of tender procedures, as well as deliveries to the nuclear industry – FSUE "Mining and Chemical Integrated Works", JSC "Siberian Chemical Plant", JSC "Novosibirsk Plant of Chemical Concentrates ", FSUE PA"Mayak", Kolskaya NPP, Beloyarskaya NPP and others.